Make up date!

Make up date!

This Saturday is the 33rd running of the Bud Light Mania Twin 45s for the Kentuckiana Tank Wash Modified Figure 8 division! 

With us being rained out on July 10th this Saturday will be the make up date for the 33rd annual Bud Light Mania Twin 45’s! 

These fierce figure 8 competitors had some time to prepare for one of their crown jewel events this year. 

It is the 33rd running of the Bud Light Mania Twin 45’s! 

Two grueling 45 lap features with the overall points producing driver in both being crowed the winner. This will be a tough endurance feat for these drivers.

90 times through the crossover in each and 180 times combined will sure to have you on your feet! 

Also on hand will be the ICA DUMPSTER SPORTSMAN, Ford Powderpuff, Ford Oval, 8 and the Race 8 Pro Oval.

Gates will open at 5:00 with prices being: 

15.00 for adults, 13.00 for teens and seniors and 5.00 for children 12 and under. 

Don’t miss it!! 🏁